Municipal Approvals




Findings of the Village of Pittsford Planning Board Regarding the Application of Pittsford Canalside Properties, LLC
Dated February 5, 2013



On December 19, 2012, the Village of Pittsford Board of Trustees adopted Resolution No. 20 of 2012 which issued Special Permits to Pittsford Canalside Properties, LLC to construct and operate a 167-unit, multiple dwelling building community, 125-seat restaurant, and clubhouse and pool on 7.5 acres of property located at 75 Monroe Avenue in the Village of Pittsford pursuant to Article VA of the Code of the Village of Pittsford.  That resolution also adopted a Regulating Plan and Design Guidelines for the Project.  A copy of that Resolution is annexed hereto.

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RESOLUTION No. 20 of 2012
At a Special Meeting of the Pittsford Village Board of Trustees held on December 18, 2012, Mayor Corby moved the adoption of the following Resolution; Trustee Boehlert seconded the motion:

Whereas, by application dated June 23, 2009, Pittsford Canalside Properties, LLC (“Applicant”) submitted applications for Special Permits to permit the construction and operation of multiple-dwelling buildings and a restaurant on land owned by Applicant at 75 Monroe Avenue, Pittsford, NY (Tax Account No. 151.170-0003-003) (the “Property”) pursuant to Article VA R-5 Residential District (§§ 210-19.1 – 210-19.5) of the Code of the Village of Pittsford (the “Code”); and

Whereas, in developing the R-5 Code, the Village Board  utilized “form based” design standards because the Board recognized the critical relationship between the Village's distinctive physical character, charm, and historic integrity and residents’ quality of life, property values and the health of the community's business economy. Formed based standards and codes are prescriptive, allowing for reasonable and limited deviation, requiring that the physical character of new development must reflect the community’s vision of its current and future identity.  This type of code requires a detailed description of the vision, addressing both private and public space to ensure new development blends seamlessly with the existing village.  Form based standards regulate the physical character of buildings, streets, sidewalks, parks, and parking.  Form based standards are place based, building upon the unique characteristics of the community and the region.  Form based standards incorporate spatial organizing principles that reflect and reinforce the existing Village hierarchy and the transition from Village center to edge.

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The drawings, pictures, and animations shown in this website are proposed ideas for this residential development and are subject to change